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Kick the Kitties

The Secret Society of Holy Rodents deem that the bane of humanity must be eliminated.

Sadly, thousands of years of total ineptness has led to their complete failure and thus, earning these unusually large bungling Rodents the unflattering nickname of "FIZZLE."

With the strange death of their leader, Guy D'Feet is chosen by the Holy Rodent Council to undertake the dangerous test for supreme leadership within the Parisian sewer system.

Faced with a litany of strange mutated sewer monsters and bosses, the only means of attack and defense available to Guy are kitties that when kicked become weapons.


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  • Use gems to purchase kitties, hats and robes.
  • Kitties become wepons when kicked.
  • Robes provide armor. Hats are decorative


Choose kitties that have special kills against individuals monsters found in each level.

  • Boddi the Berserker Kitty (special kill: Psycho Whale).
  • Bubonic the Plagued Kitty (special kill: The Little Mammal Freedom Fighters).
  • Elmer the Electric Kitty (special kill: Monsieur Tsunami).
  • Chubby the Exploding Kitty and Remus the Rocket Kitty (special kill: Chuck).
  • Flare the Fire Kitty (Special kill: The Holy Roller).
  • Fisby the Furball Kitty (special kill: Buddy).
  • Colonel the Bull Dog Kitty (special kill: Tired Devil Bird).
  • Scottie the Scottish Kitty (special kill: Siss).
  • Sigmund the Skeleton Kitty (special kill: Golden Spawn).
  • Solid the Stone Kitty (special kill: Le Plunge).
  • Zac the Zombie Kitty (special kill: Evil in a Box).


There are four tiers each with its own boss.

  • Pookie the Giant Kitty.
  • Maurice The Sewer Man.
  • Ethel the Cat Lady.
  • Le Duc de Poo-Poo.

Each tier has four levles for a total of sixteen levels.

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