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Welcome to Choo Parr Productions

June 27, 2012

​Welcome to Choo Parr Productions' launching. I am extremely excited to finally present the culmination of all the products we have created, designed, developed and animated  the last 15 months. The question by many is "Where did this idea come from?" Let's be honest, a sane and well adjusted person would never have allowed such a world to be  concocted in the recesses of his mind. But, I guess I just couldn't help it. For me, it is important at times to open that Pandora's box and free my mind from the constraint of normality, even if it for a minute. Frankly, being normal is overrated, it can get rather tedious at times.

I became acquainted with the Chupacabra while living in Puerto Rico in the early 1990s and it sort of festered, evolved and congealed in the back of my brain. Thus, the legend of Choo Parr El Terrible was born. But where should I put him? What was to be his stage and environment? Then it came to me, how about putting the majestic, proud, predatorily driven, intelligent, and powerful human-hating Chupacabra in an environment causing him the most consternation and irritation; an über liberal university teaching instinct deprived stupid human offspring?

From that point forward things went, well, out of control. A mind might be a terrible thing to waste, but to lose control of it is a whole different matter. Other  characters were developed and imaginary monster societies were established. Two animated shorts were written, Choo Parr's vlog just suddenly appeared and the Chupacabra's app game, Goats R Delicious was designed and produced.

Being an Indie anything is a tough challenge. The App store is full of hundreds of thousands of choices and the internet is full people's creative animation works. All I can ask is give Choo Parr a whirl. Oh, and the game, Goats R Delicious is pretty cool. Who wouldn't like to run around sucking the blood out of cute animals and turning them into zombies that destroy things?