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We Are Not Hiding

September 21, 2012

‚ÄčThere seems to be a question out there in the cloud on why Indie game companies (or any Indie company, but I am focusing on the gaming business) are so secretive. Why do not Indie game companies openly discuss their projects? Forgive me for my cynical answer but we are protecting our ideas and products from those individuals who are, let us say, shady.

Now this is not an insult to others or a condemnation on our industry and community; far from it folks. What I am referring to is the reality of the ways things work. Please let me explain.

As you know, the Indie community as a whole are avid defenders of freedom from governmental interference and censorship regarding the internet. The majority of us use the cloud to promote, sell or use as an important tool to create our products. However, we are not stupid or blinded to the fact our stance has consequences that can hurt us. Our ideas, dreams, work, opinions and hearts are out there hanging for all to see. We know there are individuals who will take advantage of freedom to do unkind things. Frankly, they steal.

Hence, we do our best to combat the violators of our intellectual property (a simple example would be watermarks). It is unfortunate the ultimate protection of registering copyrights and trademarks can at times be out of our reach. Put simply, we cannot afford them. It takes money. I cannot tell you how much I have spent engaging in this process.Sadly, at times we know this process does not insure protection.

Therefore, whenever this issue surfaces, think kindly upon us Indies. We are not secretive, suspicious, hoarders or anti-social. No! As fervent voices and advocators of free speech and a free internet, we understand the other side. There is a small minority out there who steal, copy or infringe upon our freedom and ideas.

In the end, we are the dreamers of ideas and the realists of actions. We are Indies.