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Choo and the Kitchen Sink

May 20, 2013

Well, the filming of my new video "I Made You" was completed last week. It was quite an experience not so much because I am not an actor but the fact my co-star is an animated character. (Do not tell Choo I referred to him as an "animated character!") Strangely, I was the co-star; after all I wrote Choo's lines. In a way I was actually talking and acting with myself...oh it gets so very complicated. It is a bizarre and strangely satisfying experience when two worlds collide; but I digress.

Following the 'I Made You' shoot, we proceeded with a commercial/trailer for my upcoming game 'Kick The Kitties.'  We were able in ten hours to conclude both videos. It is wise to do and complete everything during the time period the equipment and personnel are "hired." The amount of resources used to produce good quality videos is staggering. What do they say? If you are going to do it, do it well...or know what I mean. Plan ahead!

The whole madness behind this effort is game marketing, game marketing and more game marketing. I am trying my best to learn from the many wrongs I encountered when I launch my first iOS game 'Goats R Delicious' last summer. If I may put it nicely, the game did poorly at best.

Now, before I continue, I know the first step to having a successful game is to develop one that is of extremely high-quality, challenging and fun. I believe "Kick The Kitties" will meet gamers' high standards. However, if the world does not know about your product, in this case a video game, how are they to know it even exists? They will not. It is not probable or possible.

Luckily for me, Choo Parr, through his own vlogs (Choo Parr Productions is named after him) is somewhat known. Using him as a conduit to propel traffic toward the appropriate sites is one of the many options I have available. An Indie game designer/developer must use whatever resources available to draw attention to his/her new game releases. Indeed the window toward your game being "revealed" to the public is very small. One cannot replicate the energy or the opportunity of launch day and I cannot afford to waste the advantage.

This time when my next game is launched, I do not want to look back and say "If I only did this." Everything I have available down to my kitchen sink will be utilized...I will get Choo to rip it out.

As a side note: there is nothing more enjoyable as to writing for Choo Parr!