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Trolling: A Miserable Life Indeed

October 03, 2012

‚ÄčThe following blog does not thrill me to write in any way, but please indulge my ramblings. Although it might sound like a satirical blog it is not. However, before I proceed I must clearly state in no means is this blogger looking down his nose at others.

The vast majority of us have had to deal with the unpleasantness of trolling (notice I have used a lower case 't'). For me, the idea of an individual perusing the internet for the sole purpose of inserting abusive and rather vulgar comments is, well petty and small-minded. Please do not get me wrong. I am a big boy who has basically seen it all and of course, have a great repertoire of interesting words and phrases which I do use. Interesting enough, as I become more involved in Web 2.0 my knowledge of off-color remarks has increased. No, no no; it is the idea of an individual hiding behind internet anonymity in order participate in the sport of trolling is sad and frankly cowardly. Not sad for me, but sad for the troller.

Bare with me now. Can you, the victim of these paltry attacks, imagine how sad and desolate the life a troller is? My father once told me that miserable people want to make others miserable so they can have company. They are the ones who find fault in everything and thrive on anger and hate. How very sad it must be to live this sort of life, so pessimistic and so lonely.

Folks, this is what is good at being an Indie. If we did not believe the next turn around the corner might, just might, be our break or 'takeoff' (a little economic lingo), we would not be still plugging along. We would throw up our hands and say screw it. Chances are I would say something different, but it is late and I have already written it down.

So next time you get hit in the comments section by these individuals, I know it can be disconcerting, just remember we are living our dream and they are not.

I cannot wait to see what the trollers leave in the comments of this blog. Oh, and my dear dear trollers, I have recently had a mini stroke so I think I have written this pretty damn well!