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The “Oh Oh” Moment

October 24, 2012


It does not matter if you are a one man operation or have a team, I guarantee during the process of designing a new game the sure magnitude of the task can be quite overwhelming. I have label this as the "Oh Oh" Moment. "Oh Oh" you say? What on earth that does mean?

The "Oh Oh" Moment (noticed I have used a rated 'G' name) is when an individual who is engaged in the designing/development process cannot envision the finale product. Picture yourself creating monsters or bosses and these questions pops up "I wonder how it will look on the levels/stages? Wait a minute, the levels are not designed. The music! Crap! I need music to complement the game play; after all it will help determine the characters' gait. Man! the main character is not rigged yet. And I have to think about marketing. I cannot forget my targeted audience!" Hence the "Oh Oh" Moment feeds upon these questions and before you know it, there are white patches in your goatee!

However, I have smarter heads working for me. My friends at Krux Creative (@kruxcreative) and myself have established a great system of collaboration to ease Game Development Stress or GDS (I just mad that up). We are using Basecamp, Gantt and Google Plus. I am using this mystical cloud thingy as a tool to facilitate communication and coordinate tasks. Despite the new way of the cloud, always, always always have a hard copy!

Now for all you Indie game developers, it is okay to have an "Oh Oh" Moment. Hey, I have be honest. Because of this it is important to establish or design a system to alleviate the impact of these doubts..The whole picture will come together and the your game will become a reality and, my I add, a smashing hit. (I am perpetually the optimist)

Remember, you are creating something from nothing. As Red Green would say, "Keep your stick on the ice. We are all in this together."