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The Humility of a Game Designer

November 20, 2012

​Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

This is going to be a short blog focusing on one thing and one thing only, open-mindness to alternative game designing ways.

No, this is not a lecture but a suggestion based on some of my previous experiences in this illustrative industry. Contrary to what I once thought, I am not perfect (man that was a horrible day). My ways or ideas are not always right. Hey, just because I have an out-of-control and scarey imagination, it does not mean they are not flawed or impossible to incorporate into your game design or animation. Therefore, this is what I do in reviewing requested work or attending a meeting.

  • Listen:

It is all good to say "hey you need to listen;" but I have found it imperative to take it one step further. It is so important to let others finish their sentences and hence their thoughts. You cannot say or dismiss something by saying "no, no, no...your don't understand" without knowing your employee's complete notion.

  • Observe:

I love to watch others present their work or idea to me. You can see their excitement and passion for this great Indie industry. One can feel their energy. Let them be excited. Listen, look and marvel at their enthusiasm.

  • Ask:

We all have asked for some piece of work to be done and it came back a little different than originally requested. Hey, shit happens as long as it is not a recurring and habitual thing. I guess one can  get peeved (which I have), but that is most tedious and stressful. Instead of dismissing it, ask  "What was the thought process behind this?" You would be surprised at the different approaches or views toward your project you as the game designer have never even considered. Afterwards you can say "no" or "yes" because it is, well, your project.

Notice in all three cases not once did I secede any power. I am still in control, make the decisions and maintain my original vision. It is just, hell...I need all the help I can get. The gaming world is a relentless teeming jungle full of competition and imaginative ideas (well unless the game being produced is based on an upcoming movie). Sometimes, sometimes you just have to say "talk to me about what you are thinking."