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Next Step Music

May 13, 2013

​Greetings and salutations,

Well, the construction of levels for 'Kick The Kitties' is accelerating and hopefully the game will be available by the end of June. With this in mind, once again I turn to the concept of music and sound (sigh).

In my first game, 'Goats R Delicious,' I composed all the music myself using Flute. Do not laugh! I think I did a good job considering I am not a schooled musician. I understand music (used to be able to read it) and played a guitar for awhile, but is not my forte. Hence, Choo decided to do something new and contracted someone to compose the necessary music for the new game (well, his new game).

When it comes to anything audible for app games, it is a bizarre catch 22 for a designer/developer because many mobile device users do no have the sound on when playing. Hey, I have done it! For some strange reason it seems like a "chore" to plug in the headphones and enjoy the "complete" gaming experience.

Perhaps this will be the norm for the app video game industry. Perhaps music and sound in general will become a distant fourth or fifth in importance when designing/developing a mobile game, but I do not think so. In fact, I still believe in the importance of the role of sound in our industry that I went out and hired a professional composer. I think it will add that certain something special to an awesome game!