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Just In-Case

January 10, 2013


It has been awhile since my last blog entry, being the holidays and all, but I am back. Actually, this will be a very short blog.

One sees out there in the Indie game community developers who were just-a humming along, run out of the crucial resources needed to complete their new game. Now it is all nice and good to come up with an very detailed, well thought out and comprehensive budget, you know, the budget were one stands back admiring saying to him/herself, "I got it together this time!" Yep, it is a great feeling.

The problem is, even among the most attentive of plans for the development of a game can go wrong. Perhaps, the musical score you exclusively selected just does not fit or maybe you had to create an additional boss.The possibilities are endless. We have all been there.

I learned from my friends at Krux Creative to add on to the budget a "just in-case" amount; just in-case something extra is needed. My current game budget is augmented around 3%..."just in-case." Does that mean you are going to automatically spend this allocated money? No. However, you are now reasonably insured toward the unknown. I guarantee the stress relief this little horde of money is quite soothing.

It is just something to consider folks.