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Boo To Taboo!

November 04, 2012


Since daylight savings has annoyingly messed up my inner clock, I thought I would write a blog while I am waiting for the Sandman.

I have had a week chuck-full of many interesting events. However, to spare you the reader I will only address one. It is one most Indie Developers seem to tiptoe around as if it was a taboo; rarely scene by the human eye (Choo would like that reference). What is it? Money.

It is true game development is an art and requires much of one's heart and soul, but in the end we cannot continue following our dreams without income. There, I said it and although the subject is tedious and rather boring for many the discussion of money should be deeply analyzed and meticulously laid out

On Wednesday I was in a meeting with my friends at Krux Creative analyzing the various ways on how my new App game could bring about a reasonable return. Now the days where people hunger for any game. no matter how crappy, are coming to an end. I do not care whether it is on a console, mobile devise or PC. The gaming consumer is inundated with so many excellent choices ripe for the picking. Good grief! It is damn difficult to compete with other games that are free, it does not matter how brilliant or unique your game is. This conundrum forces an Indie Developer to think outside of the box (please forgive me for the cliche, but is late and it is all I have). Trust me on this. One of the main reason 'Goats R Delicious' was not successful (damn, that hurt to say) was because I had no income strategy. How could I have left out something that important?

This time the taboos of taboos is an integral part of the initial discussion toward the development of my new game. I can no longer put forth a finished product with out pecuniary rewards; no strategy. It is a difficult subject to address I know, but we as Indies need to suck it up, face it head on or the biggies will run us right over. Trust me, that could ruin one's day.

The discussion of monetary returns for our Indie games does not diminish our industry or our unique form of art. In fact, it empowers us as a community. It creates independence for the Indie to continue on what he/she loves to do. Well, anyway for me it does.

I think my next blog will address the many different revenue options I am currently weighing.