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Imagining Imagination

October 08, 2012

It is not uncommon for individuals to request background information concerning my App game and animation. Indeed, some feel they have been thrown into a bizarre world created by my diseased mind without any means of life support. I understand this, truly I do. Why you might ask? Well I am glad you asked.

When I started this project eighteen months ago, I wanted to do something different, that is, rely heavily on people's imagination. Now, you say "hold on there! I have an imagination! I can exercise it whenever I want" Yes you are right, we all have imaginations and all of us have the ability to use this gift. But, I had a desire to develop what I like to call an 'open-ended' world of imagination.A universe where you, not me, must envision the next step in order to obtain full enjoyment of my work. I suppose it is a way for you to interact with this world I imagined.Hey, I already know the ins and outs, so why on earth would I spoil the experience by tedious and detailed back stories or even footnotes? Why would I diminish your involvement? Why would I desire to squelch anybody's fertile  mind. Let me give you some examples:

  1. In the App game Goats R Delicious why is there some lady flying around in a recliner shooting animals at Choo Parr, a Chupacabra?
  2. How did Choo Parr get to become a history professor at Openly Aggressive University?
  3. What is with the giant rodent?
  4. Why does Choo Parr look like he does.
  5. Why is there references to the Organization of Secret Monsters (OSM)?
  6. What is Choo doing offstage when a stupid human screams?
  7. What the hell is a Creature in The Box?
  8. Is there some deep message behind it all?

Once again, I know the answer to these quandaries and perhaps I will reveal them in the future. However, during the meantime I love to hear the feedback from others in regard to their interactions with this 'open-ended' world of imagination. Relax, enjoy and imagine. In these most tedious of times we are so interconnected and constantly force to be in the present I feel we are not enjoying life as much as we ought. Our thoughts,dreams and ambitions always seem to be interrupted with the notice of an incoming email, a cell phone that is literally glued to our hip and clients around the world all of which are in different time zones.There is nothing wrong with taking a few minutes off and revel in another world.

As a side note, I am very good at creating vague scenarios others enjoy. However, I need to state, it is also important to live in the here and now. There is a very distinct difference between what is real and what is not. 

Choo thanks you for taking the time in viewing his animation and playing his game. I appreciate it very much!