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Google play Promo Codes

March 23, 2015

Because "Choo Parr" will be my first game to be published in both iTunes and Google Play, I wondered whether or not I could generate promo codes for my Android version. The answer I found out after chatting online through my developer console is no. You can however, refund an order through your Google Wallet Merchant account. (please see

I can kind of understand the reasoning for the absence of this mechanism by Google. In iTunes you can set a release date for your app so that the minute it is approved, it does not go up on the App store. Therefore, promo codes are needed by developers to send to reviewers before the game is officially released. 

Unfortunately, a developer cannot select a release date for his/her game once the app is sent for approval to Google Play. It is just released onto their store the second it is approved. It is because of this, I suppose, they have decided not to have promo codes. Still, as a game developer, it is easier to get a reviewer to look at your game (even when it is out) by sending them a promo code instead of a webpage link.