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Game Designers and New Worlds

October 15, 2012

‚ÄčToday is the day when it truly begins. You may ask "what pray-tell are you referring too?" I am glad you asked. The wheels have been set in motion toward the development of my new App game. Hurray!

Everybody has their own favorite developmental process within the actually construction of a video game. There are those who loved to design levels, animate the sprites, testing the accelerator, programming, voice recording and yes some enjoy dealing with iTunes Connect. Personally, I enjoy creating new worlds.

I can hear some people saying, "He is a dreamer. He is an escapologist and wants to flee this rotten world." Nah, do not over analyze, I am not that deep. It is the sheer magnitude of reaching well within oneself, drawing from the very bowels of your imagination that is so exciting. Think about all the authors you have read who have pioneered and paved the way for us game designers. My goodness, there is J. R. R. Tolkien, George Orwell, Alexandre Dumas, J. K. Rowling, Edgar Allen Poe, Ray Bradbury, Samuel Langhome Clemens, Margaret Weis, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and on and on and on. They have taught us to stretch our imagination and now it is our turn.

Sigh...I know I am not one of these great literary figures and cannot hold a candle to their intellect. But, over the next six months, I can sit at my desk, turn on my computer and create my own little universe. It will be a world where I, the game designer create the characters, the personalities, the stages, the inter-personal dynamics, the rules and whatever else you as an individual can envision. This new world can remain open or closed depending on whether the prospect of further development hovers in the future. All of this will come from my little warped brain. In the end, I get to share it with others.

Is not this exciting?! And who the hell says game design is not art?!