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Did someone say profit??

April 03, 2013


Folks, right up front I must plead forgiveness from my readers for the slight tinge of crabbiness found in the following blog.

As I accelerate through my forties, there is very little out there (excluding politics of course) that dismays or puzzles me. However, as I continue to read articles on how people monetize their mobile games (research for my upcoming game Kick The Kitty) a strange and reoccurring theme (under-current?) is put forth by a minority of gamers... albeit a very loud minority. These individuals cling to the idea that those Indie game designers/developers who desire to turn a profit are "selling their souls."

First of all, the sheer notion an Indie game designer/developer cannot make an awesome game with a goal to be adequately compensated is aberrant. The concept of wanting to be rewarded for your "work" should be a logical thought and a positive step toward an individual's well-being. Well, it used to be anyway.

Second of all, we Indie designers/developers who want to be monetarily successful in our endeavors have not "sold our soul to the devil." (One would think they would come up with a more original phrase) Our passion, our creative expression and our long hours are used to mold and create great games! Believe me, many of us have already "suffered for our art" and would like a little more for our efforts.

Now I do not know if these boisterous few have ever tried to finance an Indie game, but the little secret is they can be quite pricey. Let me be more specific: you have to pay for services rendered, fees, tools and time (remember your time literally has a monetary value.) I am continuously floored there are people out there who believe things just appear out of nothing...and free! We are not the government. The ability to print money in order to pay for items or services are not available to us. Well, not yet anyway.

In conclusion, unless one has written out numerous checks with no incoming revenue over an eight month game developmental process, unless one has spent countless hours worrying if your game is developing correctly, unless one harangues him/herself on whether gamers will like your game, unless one has others dependent on you, unless one has started noticing the many new grey and whites appearing on their head and unless one has gathered information on the constructive background/process of a specific Indie game...please reconsider your animosity and future comments against us greedy little Indies. You are neither clever or amusing.

Oh... By the way, my soul is just fine.