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February 06, 2013

​Greetings folks!

I had briefly talked earlier about the importance of decision making in regard to the designing and development of video games. I just want to expand it a little more and reflect upon this important topic.

The Cost:

What is the old adage? "Time is money?" I know you have heard it over the years from your elders and employers, but believe it or not it is absolutely true. It is expensive, especially for us resourceless Indies, to design and develop a good game. Every minute wasted draws from the treasure you have squirreled away for this dream.


You must be confident about the 'core' idea(s) you developed behind the game. With this solid 'core,'  you the architect have the ability to adjudicate on any art or ideas presented. It is important to quickly recognize  whether a new idea will work in the game or at least have some possibilities. A quick decision keeps the movement going.  If you have people working with or under you, a sense of confidence decision making has an uplifting effect. Remember, I am referring to the 'core' of the game. A game has many peripheral items to consider.

Altering the Core:

If you as the creator need or feel something has to be altered or the direction of the development is not fulfilling its original purpose then a variant plan must be generated. It is a very hard and painful thing to do. However, have as many details done, review possible problems ahead and readjust your mind to the new game 'core.' If most of the planning and design decisions are addressed before hand, some time and money can be spared if a problem arises. Why? You have already acquired enough information to make quick and reasonable decision.


Let us face facts, good decisions bring you great assurance which is needed in this hard industry. You have to know what you are doing and be willing to act on it.


I will give you my readers an illustration by referring to the design/development process for my new iOS game 'Kick The Kitty' (Set in the world of Guy D'Feat). I have two extremely important issues to undertake. Fortunately, it will be a while before these two matters need to be fianlized. What am I doing? I am quietly formulating a plan and patiently looking at every angle possible. Hopefully, in the end I can say "here it is" and be able to answer any questions presented. Until then I will just be incredibly stressed.