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Choo’s Two D’s

December 03, 2012


Today I wish to blog about the two "D's," delegation and decision. These two verbs are so important for any successful game developer/designer (actually in any industry).

Now before I begin I must confess I was more or less forced to deal with these two little demonic words this summer. In June I suffered a TIA which has compromised my ability to mult-task and intellectually carry-on extended periods of work (until I fully recover). Oh well, shit happens.


Believe it or not a person cannot do everything. If you are fortunate enough like me to have others working for you some weight can be shed. But...but...they are of no use to you if you cannot delegate the work. You the game developer/designer must learn to macro-manage instead of micro-manage. Here is a real world example:

A president of the United States has a cabinet. Each cabinet member oversees a specific aspect of government to ease the load on the Chief Executive. Why, because the president cannot be intimately involved in every perspective of a country of 300 million people with a three trillion dollar budget. The president must delegate administration policy to those of great trust. However, in the end the Chief Executive of the land is responsible for the actions of his/her cabinet members.

Decision Making:

Here is a simple rule to go by, be swift and decisive. You, the supreme game creator must know what you want, what is possible and what is essential. It does not mean the game developer/designer should not be flexible, totally entrenched in his/her ways. People will come up with other ideas, but once you see them you must decide. Being wish-washy and full of  indecision costs time and money, both of which a game developer/designer cannot afford.

Know your budget! Know your time constraints! Be confident in your design and abilities. Your an Indie! Stand proud!