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Behind ‘Kick The Kitties’: Part 2

June 18, 2013


In my previous blog post "Behind 'Kick The Kitties': Part 1, I illustrated how I began to formulate the nucleus of this upcoming iOS game through the development of the main game character. In this case, it was Dr. Guy D'Feet.

First, I actualized the background and history of his "race" or "species" and set forth their collective views toward life, death and the world in general. Secondly, I had a little fun and let my mind roam free as I developed the actual persona of Guy D'Feet. With this down, it was on to game design.

After 'Goats R Delicious' I was ready for another game and I wanted to use Guy. I had developed such a cool character; but what would he do or should I say, what could he do? I began to mull this over and over in my mind of exactly who this large Rodent was, how he walked, how he viewed everything and what his goals where. Of course I knew he wanted to get rid of humans, but that did not sound like an interesting game. No, it had to be something unique. it had to bounce off the wall of absurdity and hit the player in such a way to compel him/her/it to play the game.


The answer to my question kept appearing in the organization I created (see Part 1) for Guy and his Rodent kin, The Failed Society of Holy Rodents (or FIZZLE). One of their goals was to "(E)liminate all felines..." How lovely! Why not make a kitty or kitties the weapon(S)? Guy hates cats and he has the correct build. Why not have a game where an actual kicked kitty becomes a weapon? In my mind it seemed logical. In fact, I took it a step further, the only weapons available for Guy should be some sort of "kicked kitty." Imagine all the different types of kitties you could have? Sounds challenging! Actually, it sounded hilarious...and it has turned out to be much more. Way more!


Now logically, a good game designer would not have come up with the weapons to be used before he/she actually knew the basic background/story or even setting of the game. But, sigh, I am not normal. Once again I turned to my trusty little bullet pointed background of the Holy Rodents and remembered they inhabit the sewer system in Paris. I do not know about you, but damn, if you give a game designer like myself a blank slate with just the words "takes place in the Parisian sewer system" on it, the possibilities are endless. The things available to you are immense; darkness, depth, water, decay, toxic ooze and the basic "unknown." Just think of the beasts or monsters that could emanate out of such a setting. My mind began to race with ideas, but I had to slam on my brakes. I did not have a story or meaning. I only had a series of images, conceptual ideas and actions that had no ultimate purpose. What was this game going to be about?


One day I was reading (or was I pondering?) the aftermath of World War I. Whaaa? Let me clarify, I have my degree in history and, well, it is one of my true loves. Where was I? Oh yes... and I was reflecting on how the end of this horrible war saw the downfall of many types of monarchical governments. Because of this I began reading about the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (you see at one time it was the Holy Roman Empire and I created a group of Holy Rodents...I hope you see the connection. I am just trying to be honest and sincere on how these ideas came to me). Then it dawned on me, The Failed Society of Holy Rodents has to have a way (an avenue) of inducting its members or appointing its leaders. It is an ancient society and must have a lot of dumb traditions and idiosyncrasies. Remember 'Fiddler on the Roof?' "Without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as... as... as a fiddler on the roof!" What if a Rodent had to go through some sort of physical test or combat an advisory to be worthy? In fact, I decided to add to this mystery by changing the organization's name to The Secret Society of Holy Rodents. Hence, a new hidden and secretive sensation is added to this society. Yes! it should be some sort of a personal test within the depths of the sewer system...something fun, totally absurd, challenging and with kicked kitties hurling through the air!

Sorry, I am afraid that is all I will divulge right now. I will keep you all informed. Hopefully it will be out at the end of July 2013!