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Behind ‘Kick The Kitties’: Part 1

June 10, 2013


I know there are people who are wondering how I came up with the idea and design for my upcoming game 'Kick The Kitties,' so here goes. I will dedicate this post to the character players will be playing as: Dr. Guy D'Feet.

Upon the creation of my company in 2011 I developed four characters; Choo Parr (the main character), Guy D'Feet, Dean Susie and Theodora. These four unique individuals were to be the basis of my web animation, vlogs and of course my first iOS game 'Goats R Delicious.'

For this, my second iOS game, I turned to my twenty-six inch rodent, Guy D'Feet. Guy belongs to a proud but inept race of Rodents whose sole mission is the eradication of the human race and the re-establishment of their supremacy (well in their minds anyway). You know, the typical background story one finds among the non-human species.

1)  Actualize the background and history of your character's "race" and what their views toward life and the world in general.

First, I had to find a place for these Rodents to live where they could dwell among humans, but be completely hidden. I naturally thought of the Parisian sewer system. Yes, I did say "naturally."

Secondly, I visualized these Rodents were inept and whose efforts (every effort) to eradicate humanity ultimately fail (the Black Plague only killed 50% to 75% of the European population and therefore it was a failure.) Hence, I would make them resigned to failure, but determined to soldier on with their mission.

Thirdly, with this in mind, I envisioned them as almost like a monastic order, a holy order if you will. Thus, an organization called The Failed Society of Holy Rodents developed and to be a little cruel, I named it FIZZLE to be short.

Fourthly, my odd but fruitful mind came up with this:

                                  THE FAILED SOCIETY OF HOLY RODENTS (FIZZLE)

I)  Goals of The Failed Society of Holy Rodents (FIZZLE):

     i)    To wipe out humanity with the plague or other forms of diseases, poisons, violence or miscellaneously devious deeds.

     ii)    Restore the rightful supremacy of the Holy Rodents.

     iii)   Establish a world government governed by FIZZLE.

     iv)   Recruit the most intelligent, courageous, humblest, versatile and intelligent of Holy Rodents.

     v)    Despite any failure any member of FIZZLE may incur (and they will), every member of The Failed Society of Holy Rodents must optimistically continue in their endeavors.

     vi)   Establishment of a colossal space program enabling FIZZLE to establish a colony on the moon in order to mine delicious "Moon Cheese."

     vii)  Eliminate all felines (Except those that are recognized as being Secret Monsters).

II)  Membership for The Failed Society of Holy Rodents:

     i)     A Holy Rodent must have reached the age of 52 years upon his/her initiation.

     ii)    Must have undertaken 119 attempts of assassination against the human species.

     iii)   Ancestral linage, gender, or place of residence will have no factor upon whether or not an applicant is qualified.

     iv)   Having all appendages or a tail will have no factor upon whether or not an applicant is qualified.

     v)    Must have a great desire to eliminate the human species.

     vi)   Must be willing to die in the quest of the elimination of the human species.

     vii)  Must believe Holy Rodents are superior to the human species.

     viii) Must have at least a rabid fixation and reverence for the plague.

     ix)  Must be able to play Bridge.

     x)   Must have made funeral arrangements for his/her demise.

2)  Create a detailed and fun background for your character:

Guy D'Feet is a 26 inch tall Rodent who is currently a professor of history at Openly Aggressive University. His field of expertise is the History of Biological Diseases and Chemical Warfare Against the Human Species. He has tenure. Dr. D'Feet's goal, like his fellow Holy Rodents, is to eradicate the scourge known as "the humans" and re-establish the supremacy of the Rattus. After all, humans achieved their supremacy due to some evolutionary mistake (called 'The Great Fluke') dating back to the primordial ooze. Unfortunately, Holy Rodents are incredibly inept at carrying out their various schemes. The ingenuity is there, the execution is not (or could one say common sense). He is, alas, like all of his kind, resigned to failure, but eternally optimistic with a with a deep seeded genetic belief his newest scheme will work.

As part of his long incompetent and convoluted plan for the demise of the humans, the well educated Dr. D'Feet has managed to get himself hired by the extremely liberal Openly Aggressive University. Here, in the epicenter of political correctness, Dr. D'Feet is able to hide openly for the humans would not dare to ask if he was a Rodent.

Guy D'Feet was born on March 21, 1928 in the Holy Rodent City of Constantine under the human city of Paris, France. He is a direct descendant of Saint Guillaume D'Feet Le Gran who died of grief after the failure of the Black Plague. He has been a member of The Failed Society of Holy Rodents (FIZZLE) since his awakening in 1971.

3) The character has been "developed." On to game design.

Have fun with this folks for you can create whatever your warped heart desires. Now, let us see, the game character is ready to go. That was the easy part, right? Now it is on to designing the game itself. But how? To be continued....