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Google play Promo Codes

March 23, 2015

Can you generate promo codes for your Android game?

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Google Play Security Alert: Phishing Warning

February 25, 2015

Google has sent its Android developers a email phising warning.

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New website!

January 23, 2015

New website!

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Organization of Secret Monsters’ Constitution

October 16, 2013

​This is the constitution for the Organization of Secret Monsters; an organization formed by the world's monsters in 420 BC to protect themselves from the ever expanding humans.

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Behind ‘Kick The Kitties’: Part 2

June 18, 2013

​This post is about how the weaponry, setting and story were concieved for the the upcoming iOS game 'Kick The Kitties.'

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Behind ‘Kick The Kitties’: Part 1

June 10, 2013

​The first step in the designing of 'Kick The Kitties' was the development of Guy D'Feet, the character the players will be playing.

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How We Test Our iOS Games

May 29, 2013

​This how we test our iOS games at Choo Parr Productions. This includes communicating problems and video game testing strategies.

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Choo and the Kitchen Sink

May 20, 2013

​Utilizing Choo Parr in promoting my new game 'Kick The Kitties.'

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Next Step Music

May 13, 2013

​The next step in developing 'Kick The Kitties' is music.

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Did someone say profit??

April 03, 2013

​There is nothing wrong for wanting to make a profit on your Indie game.

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A Forged Indie’s World

February 10, 2013

​Why creating open ended worlds are important to the Indie designer/developer.

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February 06, 2013

​Are you able to make quick and good decisions?

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The Power Behind Gaming

January 22, 2013

​Will you give up your personal power as a video game designer/developer?

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Just In-Case

January 10, 2013

​How to alleviate the expectant expenses in Indie game development.

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An Indie’s Momentary Doubts

December 16, 2012

​There are  when an Indie game designer/developer has doubts...

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Choo’s Two D’s

December 03, 2012

​Every game designer/developer needs to needs to be decisive and willing to delegate.

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No Add-Ons Choo!

November 26, 2012

​Indie game developers must keep in mind simplicity.

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The Humility of a Game Designer

November 20, 2012

​Here are three interesting ways to enhance the intensity of game designing

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Me Myself and Choo

November 11, 2012

​The blog deals with the three different directions I am pulled running Choo Parr Productions.

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Boo To Taboo!

November 04, 2012

​How should Indies deal with the taboo subject of money.

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Reminising About Hurricanes

October 29, 2012

​The approach of Hurricane Sandy toward the East Coast has caused me to reflect on some of the storms I have witnessed.

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The “Oh Oh” Moment

October 24, 2012

It is okay to haveyour game development "Oh Oh" moment.

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Game Designers and New Worlds

October 15, 2012

​The creation of new worlds is what I look forward too when designing video games.

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Imagining Imagination

October 08, 2012

​Why Choo Parr Productions relies heavily on imagination.

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Trolling: A Miserable Life Indeed

October 03, 2012

​This blog discusses how miserable the life of a troller is and how Indies should keep in mind how their view of life is different.

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We Are Not Hiding

September 21, 2012

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We Indies Are Doing Okay

August 20, 2012

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Welcome to Choo Parr Productions

June 27, 2012

​​Welcome to Choo Parr Productions' launching. I am extremely excited to finally present the culmination of all the products we have created, designed, developed and animated  the last 15 months. The question by many is "Where did this idea come from?" Let's be honest, a sane and well adjusted person would never have allowed such a world to be concocted in the recesses of his mind. But, I guess I just couldn't help it. For me, it is important at times to open that Pandora's box and free my mind from the constraint of normality, even if it for a minute. Frankly, being normal is overrated, it can get rather tedious at times.

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